3 Reasons Liquid Vitamins are Superior to Capsules

Liquid Vitamins are superior to capsules

Liquid Vitamins Absorb Faster and More Efficiently

One of the reasons liquid vitamins are superior to capsules or tablets, is that they make the nutrients available to your body much more quickly.  Capsules and tablets are designed to be broken down and then digested before the nutrients can enter your system.  Your body has to do a lot more work with these mediums, than with liquid vitamins which are already liquid and don’t have to be broken down by the body. Additionally, liquid vitamins are known to have up to a 98% absorption rate! With the casing and fillers present in capsules, your body absorbs far less of the nutrients intended, even as low as 3-20%.   

More Nutrients in Individual Doses

Due to the nature of liquid vitamins, you can pack far more nutrients with higher concentration into individual doses.  With capsules, you may end up taking multiple different supplements separately, resulting in a ton of different pills just to get in your daily vitamins.  In comparison, liquid vitamins have the capacity to combine multiple different vitamins and nutrients into one power packed supplement to deliver all of your daily nutrient needs with fewer separate products.  


For many people it is difficult or uncomfortable to swallow pills.  When you want to get the necessary nutrients for your body, you can end up taking handfuls each day, which can be quite a chore.  Liquid Vitamins are superior to capsules because they are far easier for people of all ages to take, especially children who may struggle to swallow large pills.  A couple tablespoons of liquid vitamins can easily be mixed into juice or water, put in a smoothie, or just taken straight from the bottle.  Liquid vitamins also make it much easier to adjust dosages.  In addition, with liquid vitamins, you forego the risk of a capsule not breaking apart or not disintegrating properly and the discomfort that can come with that occurrence. 

Conclusion: Liquid Vitamins are Superior to Capsules

Liquid vitamins are quicker, more convenient, more effective, and overall the better option.  They contain less additives and unnecessary ingredients.  They’re easy and convenient to take for anyone who dislikes taking pills, or has a hard time doing so.  Liquid vitamins can reduce your daily intake from a handful of pills to a couple tablespoons of liquid. 

Private Label Liquid Manufacturing

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