Announcing New Products for Your Supplement Line

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Announcing New Products for Your Supplement Line

New products are an exciting time for any dietary supplement company. It may have taken a lot of planning, time, and trial and error to find a great product for your customers. However, if no one is aware of your new product, chances are it will not take off. Here are some tips for announcing new products for your supplement line. Don’t let a product you love and believe in, get left on the shelves unnoticed.

Email Newsletter

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If you have a solid email address book, this could be a great opportunity for you. This is a great way to get news to your audience. No matter where they are. You can also send a series of emails over a few days to announce your product. Starting with an email to announce a release date can pique the interest of those who love your products. It can make them curious about something new. Another way to draw in a crowd when you release a new product is to run a limited-time promotion for it. This will help motivate your audience to try your new product without the risk of spending too much money.

Social Media Post

Posting about a new product on social media is also a must. This is the place your customers get to interact with you. This gives your audience the chance to ask questions about the product and share the news with others. You can even try hosting a giveaway for your new product. For more help, read our article, “Tips on Creating Images for Social Media”.

Ad flyers to orders

One way to make sure your customers get the news about your new product is to add information flyers to each order you send out. You can send them individually, but this will also help you save on postage by including them in orders already going out. Using Canva or hiring a designer on Upwork are great tools for creating a flyer that will catch the eye of your customers.

Paid Ad

Paid ads, whether on social media, the radio, a billboard, or on T.V. are also great ways to announce a new product. Keep in mind that this will require you to have a larger budget. If done right though, the return will far outweigh the cost. Be sure that you do not invest everything into one ad. Using trial and error to find what works for your business will make sure you do not spend your entire budget on an ineffective ad.

Blog Post

Using a blog post to announce your product may not spread the news as quickly as an email. However, it is the most effective way to educate your audience on how what your product does and why they need it. It is a great place to discuss the details of what is in it, what it does, and discuss anything else you believe your customers should know about it. Including a link to your blog post in an email newsletter could be a very effective way of announcing new products for your supplement line.

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