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Why You Should Choose a Manufacturer with a GMP Certification

Private Label Liquids is the best manufacturer of liquid supplements, with a GMP certification and a fully equipped GMP facility that has been producing top quality GMP certified liquid vitamins for over 20 years in the U.S. Our company has been producing top-notch liquid vitamins through our contract manufacturing services for various clients who require affordable wholesale supplement production by a company with GMP certification. We are also the best GMP certified white label and liquid supplement manufacturers in the USA. Through diligent compliance with all regulations and the application of strict quality control procedures we ensure that we provide the best quality liquid vitamins and supplements for all our clients. Here are some of the reasons why you should choose Private Label Liquids.

Quick Delivery

Our GMP certified vitamin and supplement formulations will enable you to start marketing and selling your liquid vitamins in a short time. We will help you handle all the details involved in creating your product while you focus on meeting the needs of end users. Over the past two decades, our research has enabled us to create supplements that are proven and trusted by business owners and their consumers. In our GMP facility, we have the equipment, personnel and resources to handle a large volume of orders quickly. If you want to have an estimate of the time it will take to manufacture and deliver your order, kindly fill our quote form on our contact page.

GMP Certification

 Low Production Cost

One of the greatest benefits we offer our clients is the ability to start selling their private label supplements, with a GMP certification, on a low start-up budget. Our GMP facility is fully equipped to handle both small and large order quantities. With an order quantity as low as 12 bottles, you can start selling your own GMP certified liquid supplements. This is how we have helped many clients sell their liquid supplements profitably online. We have also helped nutritional store owners offer high quality liquid vitamins at a relatively low price to their customers.

High Quality Products

The quality of our liquid supplements is guaranteed by our GMP certification. We have never compromised on quality since we began production over 20 years ago. Because we are NSF and GMP certified, we always comply with all established regulations and international best practices. We use premium quality ingredients in every liquid supplement we make at our GMP facility and our operational procedures are eco-friendly.

Free Label Design and Superb Customer Support

We provide free label design when you place an order for private label liquid vitamins. This is an uncommon offer which you should take advantage of today. Most of the other GMP certified nutraceutical companies will not assist you to create your logo and label your products. But at our GMP facility, we provide this service free of charge. Within a few days, after you make your order, you will receive a well designed logo, label and packaging with a GMP certification for your nutritional supplements. This is part of the superior customer support we provide for all our clients. To find out more about how quick and easy it is to start your own liquid nutritional supplement business or to take advantage of our special offers for start-up and small business owners, please proceed to our contact page now.

Manufacture Your Supplements In Our GMP Certified Facility

Private Label Liquids is one of the primary GMP certified and NSF certified nutraceutical businesses and liquid supplement manufacturers in the United States. We have both GMP compliance and are NSF registered.  We focus on private label liquid vitamins and private label liquid supplements. In the United States, we are more than just liquid supplement manufacturers with a private label vitamin plant.

GMP Compliance and NSF Registered Supplement Manufacturer

Private Label Liquids is a USA, fully GMP compliant and NSF registered, full-service manufacturer of liquid supplements and liquid vitamins for both individuals and pets. This indicates that we can produce just about any kind of liquid vitamin or supplement that you come across on the market today. In addition, we can custom produce products to meet your specific requirements, including the use of exceptional raw ingredients, non-GMO, natural flavors, organic formulations and much more.

GMP CertifiedAs a certified liquid supplement manufacturer, we offer an extensive variety of liquid supplements and liquid vitamins. The specialty of our business is custom vitamins and wholesale supplements. We are your one-stop vitamin business for all types of supplements and vitamins in the country. Our vitamin and supplement program is next to none. You can also discover the way to put up your supplements for sale online. Our supplement manufacturing services and private label supplements program can get you from start to end in just in three easy steps that include:

  1. Select one among our in-house supplement or vitamin formulas.
  2. We will prepare an exciting and unique label for your new product.
  3. Place your purchase order and we then ship it out within the earliest possible time.

Private Label Supplements Low Minimum

Personal labeling of vitamins and supplements persists to be increasing. Fortunately, Private Label Liquids offers a unique private label program that allows our customers to start their own liquid vitamin and supplement business. We make it very easy to get started with a 12 minimum number of bottles. Whether you would like to sell from your own store or would like to sell online, we are always available to help you.

Private Label Vitamins and Supplements

Actually, some of our private label pet supplements are our leading sellers, such as our private label chondroitin for dogs. Our vast private label dietary supplements mechanized experience of liquid vitamins can assist you to take your product to market quicker and at a lower price, including selling vitamins and supplements online. With our NSF registration and GMP compliance, we have, in fact, quick turn-around times for our private label creations. Our manufacturing for dietary supplements formulations and custom natural whole foods can also be manufactured in a timely way for bulk orders. Not to be beaten, our domestic graphics team can take your plans and generate an exciting white-label-supplement business logo to make a quick admission into the liquid supplement market easy for your new product.

Our manufacturing for dietary supplements formulations and custom natural whole foods can also be manufactured in a timely way for bulk orders. Not to be beaten, our domestic graphics team can take your plans and generate an exciting white-label-supplement business logo to make a quick admission into the liquid supplement market easy for your new product.

Our GMP Certified Facility

With our large manufacturing capacity, there is no job too small or too large for us because we manage accounts of all sizes of our pet and people supplements. Our product excellence is next to none and we fully obey with all GMP, FDA and NSF regulations and certification necessities.

All of our liquid supplements, liquid vitamins and nutraceuticals products are prepared right here in the United States. Give Private Label Liquids a call today or request an affordable quote by filling up our quote form, featured on our website, and we always look forward to offer our affordable and professional services.


Certifications and Regulations Needed By a Nutraceutical Corporation

The vibrancy of the nutraceutical industry is evidenced by the growing numbers of a nutraceutical corporation in the region. A nutraceutical company engages in the production and distribution of products that will supplement nutrients in the body. The products include liquid supplements, nutraceuticals and liquid vitamins and are consumed as supplements and not as substitutes to food. They help improve intake of essential nutrients, health as well as general wellness. There are many companies that have engaged in this trade. However, considering that the products are to be consumed by people, it is vital to ensure they are approved, certified and regulated by relevant authorities. Common regulations and certifications are as follows:

NSF Certification

The NSF certification is vital in the nutraceutical industry and when choosing a nutraceutical corporation, supplement contract manufacturer, or nutraceutical company, it’s important to lookout for this certification. The NSW (National Sanitation Foundation) was established in 1944 at the School of Public Health, University of Michigan. It is a third-party certification that is awarded to firms that have met the minimum required standards in regard to proper hygiene and sanitation while manufacturing or handling foods, drinks, supplements, liquid vitamins and more. The product will be branded as either NSF certified or NSF listed and offers assurance on quality and hygiene.

Nutraceutical Corporation

Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP)

Players in the nutraceutical industry know the importance of the GMP (good manufacturing practice) certification which helps people find a suitable nutraceutical corporation or manufacturer. A nutraceutical company that has been awarded this certification has proven it follows the laid down rules when manufacturing and distributing dietary supplements, foods, drinks and active pharmaceutical products. The certification helps safeguard the public against consuming wrong or unhealthy products that pose risk to their lives. The good manufacturing practices apply right from sourcing the ingredients, transportation, storage, packaging, as well as distribution.

FDA Certification

The FDA (Food and Drug Administration) regulates the nutraceutical industry and is mandated to make certain that the nutraceutical corporations follow the guidelines set by the regulator. A nutraceutical company is only required to use ingredients that have been approved by the authority. Also, the packaging, labeling, and advertising should be in accordance with the guidelines. Nutraceuticals fall under the Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act (FDCA) after the amendment of the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act. There is also the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) which plays an almost similar role to the FDA.

Nutraceutical Corporation

What is GMP Contract Manufacturing and Why You Should Opt for It?

Those working for pharmaceutical companies would be familiar with the concept of CGMP contract manufacturing. What is GMP contract manufacturing? Basically, these companies require GMP contract manufacturers to manufacture or make the products for them. The acronym GMP stands for Good Manufacturing Practices. So GMP contract manufacturers are basically contract manufacturers who comply with and strongly commit to international GMP standards. Thus, it is important to opt for these professionals because the end result would be top quality supplement products that leave no room for complaints. As a result, your business would be able to enjoy the benefits and do well in the industry.

What is GMP contract manufacturing? Well, CGMP contract manufacturing is actually very straightforward. Here, the two parties, i.e. the vitamin company and the manufacturer enter into a contract with the primary aim of producing vitamins and supplements that comply with the local or state standards and regulations. Good Manufacturing Practices or GMPs are the primary principles that are responsible for conveying trust and confidence at all junctures of the supply chain. In order to do well in the highly competitive pharmaceutical industry companies are required to completely and diligently follow GMPs.What Is GMP Contract Manufacturing

A Look at GMP Contract Manufacturers

Now, the task of looking for GMP contract manufacturers is one that is easier said than done. There are many companies out there engaging in CGMP contract manufacturing but not all of them may be right for your business. While it is common for companies to have minor technical problems, it is not acceptable when companies have serious compliance issues. Needless to say, companies who are falling behind in terms of CGMP compliance should be avoided. A good company is one that understands the question ‘What is GMP contract manufacturing?’ very well and adopt policies, practices and procedures prescribed for the purpose of being cGMP compliant. These companies usually have immaculate record keeping policies and procedures to ensure that nothing jeopardies their certification.


Once a company grasps the concept of ‘What is GMP contract manufacturing’, they would be able to apply it to all kinds of productions be it hard shell capsules, coated tablets, uncoated tablets, soft capsules, creams, liquids, powders, ointments and so on. Now, a supplement company may not necessarily be dealing with all of these products, therefore depending upon the specific needs, they can hire the right kind of GMP contract manufacturers on board. CGMP contract manufacturing is not easy, one has to meet the requirements for quality, purity, strength and identity when it comes to the GMP standards.

A Proven Track Record

When you’re looking for a GMP contract manufacturer for your company, you should take some time out to ensure that entering into a contract with them would be a good idea. This will definitely be a good investment of your time and effort because you will be reducing the chances of making the wrong decision. You can have a word with the company’s higher ups and even visit their manufacturing facilities to ensure that everything is in order. Going for companies with proven track record of success would obviously be a good idea.

What Is GMP Contract Manufacturing