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Upping Your Small Business Social Media Game

social media ideas for small businesses

Upping Your Small Business Social Media Game

Social media can be used in many different ways. It can be used by people to keep in touch with family and friends whom they do not see often. It can also be used by businesses to keep in touch with their customers and find potential customers too. So how do you find new customers on social media and how do you keep the ones that you have currently. Continue reading to learn more about some social media ideas for small businesses.

Social Media Ideas for Small Businesses

There are many different social media ideas for small businesses. If you are going to use these, it is important to remember to be consistent with your posts, clear with your message, produce content that adds value to your audience and not bombard and overwhelm your followers’ feed with posts.

Create A Series

Creating a series can keep your customers engaged with the content you are putting out along with giving you a schedule as to when to post. Some example of this is to post similar things each day/week/month such as a spotlight on a product or a customer success story. The key to successfully doing these is to create a hashtag that fits the subject and to make sure that you are consistently posting the series.


Hosting a giveaway will bring in many followers and help you keep the ones you have, especially if you can pair up with influencers. Everyone wants stuff for free, and if you host a giveaway with simple entry requirements, you will be able to get many people engaged with your social media profile. Check out one of our previous articles to learn more about How To Host a Giveaway on Social Media.


Contests are similar to giveaways in the fact that they offer a prize. However with a contest, those who are entering will have more complicated requirements, and there might even be a vote to see who wins. One example of this is a caption contest. What you will have people do is caption an image that relates to your company or industry. Then you can ask your fans to vote for the best one. When the winner is decided, be sure to post about them and even post again when they receive the prize.

Ask Me Anything

Hosting an Ask Me Anything (AMA) is a great way for your followers to interact with your page. It is also a great way for people to get to know your page and company better than just your bio. One thing to do to get more people active on your AMA is to advertise it. Another option is to go live with your AMA too. Either way will work as long as you are answering the questions and sharing stories if you have any.


Nowadays, more and more companies are using videos as a way to communicate with their audience. This is because they are getting around almost 2x more Along with that, more social media platforms are leaning towards videos as a form of content. This is because you can show many different things with videos. Accion, a nonprofit lending network states that “You can also use one platform to point followers to another.” An example of this is by linking a video that is from your YouTube onto your Facebook page.

Go Live

This social media idea for small businesses is taking the video idea one step further. These also allow you to interact with your loyal followers who tune into your live streams. Agorapulse, a social media management tool did a small test to see if Facebook Live videos performed better than recorded ones. They found that their live videos had 240.87% more reactions, 1389.90% more comments, and 425.27% more shares than their prerecorded ones. You can also combine other social media ideas by hosting a giveaway on your live stream too. That way, you can get even more interaction and engagement, which will allow your page to grow even more.

Repurpose Content

Most people think of repurposing content as a way to reuse content without any changes. This is not the right way to repurpose content. The correct way to repurpose your content is to make changes or take snippets of it and post those. Some examples are a sneak peek of a new product that you are revealing later in a video or a highlight from your most recent live stream. There are many more great ways to repurpose your content, as long as you are not simply reposting it.

You can also get content from your followers. For example, you could retweet something they said about your business. Another way is to share a success story from one of them. You can post a picture of them with your product to any of your social media pages too.


When it comes to social media ideas for small businesses, there are a lot of things that you need to remember. The main one being that you are going to need to consistently put out content for your followers without bombarding them with content. Check out this blog to learn more about Using Social Media To Grow Your Business.


Christmas ideas for small businesses

Small Business Christmas Marketing Ideas

Christmas ideas for small businesses

Small Business Christmas Marketing Ideas

The holiday season is filled with hordes of people going around shopping for various gifts. As a small business owner, you will want these people in your stores and buying your products. However, how do you get these customers attention, and how do you keep them coming back for your product? Continue reading to learn more about some Christmas ideas for small businesses.


To attract customers to your stores during the holiday season, you will need to give your store some holiday decorations. This does not mean simply hanging up a string of lights out front. You want your decorations to attract potential customers to your store, you will need decorations that are eye-catching.

One recommendation that we have is if you have a semi-large window, consider placing a display in it showcasing your products. If you take this route, be sure to change it once in a while so it does not get old. LocalSEOchecklist states that “Although it might seem like a huge feat to come up with a well-decorated store, it doesn’t really need a big budget.”

Holiday Photo Contests

One way to get your customers thinking about your company is to hold a photo contest. You can hold a contest for the most creative picture with a product of yours, or the coolest place with one. Either way will work as it will help get your customers involved with your brand. To incentivize people to enter your contest, you can offer a prize of a small item or gift card to your store. Be sure to have them tag you on your social media to enter the contest.


Giveaways are similar to contest, but they do not require much work from the customer. A giveaway would usually be done online through social media, however, you can host one in your store. One way to do this is to host a raffle contest, where each customer who comes in gets entered to win a cool prize. The requirements are up to you, as you could give them an entry per $10 they spend or something similar. For more on social media giveaways, check out this article to learn more.

12 Days Of Christmas

A 12 Days of Christmas sale could either be a discount, or a giveaway. It is up to you as to what you want to do. If you choose to go for a discount, consider giving a different product each day at a discount. Then advertise that this product is on sale on this day. This will get people coming back to your store on multiple different days.

If you would rather opt into doing a giveaway for each day you can hold a raffle as mentioned above. Another way to hold a 12 days of Christmas giveaway is to advertise prizes for each day and have a challenge or task that the customer must do in order to win. One way to better do this is by not letting the customers know what they have to do. Some examples of this are, being the 15th customer of the day, or the 1st customer to donate to the charity box.

Shopping Events

A shopping event can get you a plethora of customers through your doors., a service that supports businesses with professional expertise states, “It rakes some extra time and planning, but you can pull off a holiday-themed event in your store.” Some ways you can host an event are to have musicians playing holiday music or even offering a sample of holiday-themed products.

If your business caters more towards pets, you might want to focus your event around that. You can hold a pet-themed event where you give out a treat with every purchase or even an ugly sweater contest for dogs.

Gift Cards

Gift cards are great because they give you customers a reason to come back to your store. They also are very convenient and make great choices for shoppers who do not know what to get someone as a gift. If you haven’t had gift cards in your local store, we recommend that you start now.

Rewards Program

A rewards program will not only make your customers happy that they will be getting more discounts, but you will also be happy as they will continue to shop at your store. The holiday season is a great time to start people on your program as there are more shoppers.

Another way to reward your customers is with a punch card. You can either have them punch for each product they buy, or for every $15 they spend. The reward for the end of the card is up to you.

To keep these customers as your customers, a nonprofit lending network for small business owners recommends that you do the following: “Offer incentives for additional purchases and referrals. And give out discounts that can be redeemed during the slower months of January and February.” Doing these can keep your customers coming back even after the holiday season


There are many great Christmas ideas for small businesses, and it is important to start working on them as soon as possible. That way you have enough time to plan everything out and make sure it succeeds.

Happy Holidays from everyone here at Private Label Liquids.


featured image for guide to photography on a low budget

Guide to Product Photography on a Low Budget

featured image for guide to photography on a low budget

Guide to Product Photography on a Low Budget

Visual content and presentation are everything in marketing. The product being sold needs to appeal to customers and catch their eye. Unfortunately, not everyone has the budget to spend hundreds, even thousands on creating content. No need to fear! It is possible to get quality content without going bankrupt. Here is your guide to product photography on a low budget.


Lighting is so important when it comes to photography. For images to be clear crisp, they need to have good lighting. When images are taking in dim light, they turn out grainy and even blurry. When planning product photography, make sure you have a plan for your lighting. Natural lighting will almost always be the best option but is not always possible. Taking photos too close to noon will leave your photos with harsh shadows. The weather may also interfere with natural lighting. If the natural lighting is not an option, you will need another reliable source of lighting. Lamps and lightboxes are effective ways to get the lighting you need. Keep in mind that different lightbulbs provide either warm or cool tones.


girl holding a smartphone with a camera on the screen

The background of your photography also makes the world of a difference. Most importantly, avoid backgrounds that are too busy or clash with the colors of the product. There are also two different types of product photography: lifestyle and product-only. Lifestyle photos are fun, have a busier background, and show your product in action. These are normally more exciting to look at and is the type of photography most often used in ads and social media. Product-only photography is great for product descriptions on websites. These are created using solid background color and the product. Just remember that whatever you do, it needs to work well with your brand. For more information on the importance of brand consistency, read this article here.


Nowadays, a decent camera is not hard to come by. DSLR cameras will have the best results for photography. However, they can be expensive. Most smartphones have great cameras built into them and will work just fine for product photography. If your only option is a smartphone, at least try to invest in a tripod to keep the camera steady.


When creating your lighting, it can be difficult to control shadows and glares. To prevent these, you can use reflectors. There are white reflectors made for this or you can create a makeshift reflector. Some people use white poster boards or even white foam boards as homemade reflectors. Anything like this will work just fine. Another thing you should have is a way to edit your photos. Not all photos will turn out picture-perfect, so having reliable software will help you create quality images.

There are so many ways to get creative and quality images for your brand. While high-end equipment is great, it is not needed to capture quality images. This guide to product photography on a low budget is a great place to start.


featured image for how to optimize websites

How to Optimize Websites

featured image for how to optimize websites

How to Optimize Websites

Have you ever landed on a website that took forever to load or you just could not find anything? These are some of the biggest reasons people leave a website. When a user leaves your website without finding what they needed, you risk losing a potential customer or client. Learning how to optimize websites will help keep users from leaving your site too soon.


Most users nowadays use their mobile devices when surfing the web. Anyone with a desktop website should make sure that their website is responsive and mobile-friendly. Images should shrink to fit the smaller screens sizes and text should not fall off the page or shrink too small to see. The main menu should also be easy to navigate. One way to do this is to turn the main menu into a hamburger button that opens when clicked.

Load Speed

It is so vital that any webpage throughout your website has a quick load speed. One of the biggest culprits of slow websites is images. Images that are too large will slow down the loading speed. To prevent this, optimize the images by making them smaller using some type of photo editor. This is a lot more effective than changing the image size in the code of your website.


Want to get more traffic to your website? Focus on your website’s SEO. Make sure your images have titles and that every page has keywords strategically placed throughout. Keep users moving throughout your website rather than landing on one page just to leave. For more on SEO, read our article here.


It is also important that the users coming to your website can easily navigate and find what they are looking for. Make sure that your main menu is either at the top left of your website or in the center. Make sure your website has headers that stand out and separate the body text of your web pages. This makes it easier for users to quickly scroll and find what they need.

Learning how to optimize websites will help users have a better experience when they land on your website. Make your website a priority. After all, it is usually the first impression of your business. For more information, check out our article, “Setting Up a Website for Your Business”.


How Choline Effects The Body

benefits of choline

How Choline Effects The Body

Choline is needed to do many things in the body, but most people are not getting enough of it each day and are at risk of developing a choline deficiency. What exactly is choline and what does it do for your body? Continue reading to learn more about the health benefits of choline.

What Is Choline

Choline is an essential nutrient, meaning that it is needed for proper bodily function and other aspects of human health. It is used in the brain and nervous system to regulate memory, mood and muscle control. Choline is also used to form the membranes that surround the cells inside of your body. Your liver can make small amounts of choline in your body, however, you need to get most of it from your diet to avoid a deficiency.

Choline Deficiency

As previously mentioned you need to make sure that you are getting enough choline in your diet each day to avoid developing a deficiency. You need to get the daily amount recommended. These numbers are:

  • Children: 200-375 mg (milligrams)
  • Teenage Boys: 550 mg
  • Teenage Girls: 400 mg
  • Men: 550 mg
  • Women: 425 mg

The National Institute Of Health states that “Although most people in the United States don’t get recommended amounts of choline, few people have symptoms of choline deficiency.” This could be because the liver is making a little bit and keeping you from having these symptoms. However, if you do happen to have a deficiency then you may experience things like:

  • Tiredness
  • Fatigue
  • Muscle pain
  • Mood disorders

Too Much Choline

While it is important to make sure that you are getting enough choline into your diet, you need to keep in mind that getting too much choline can lead to side effects like a fishy body odor, vomiting, heavy sweating, low blood pressure, and even liver damage. The upper limits of choline goes as follows:

  • Children 8 & Younger: 1,000 mg
  • Children 9-13: 2,000 mg
  • Teens: 3,000 mg
  • Adults: 3,500 mg

Foods With Choline

You can get choline from many different foods where it is found naturally. You can get the recommended amount by adding these to your diet:

  • Meat such as poultry and fish
  • Eggs and dairy products
  • Potatoes, brussels sprouts, broccoli and cauliflower
  • Certain beans, nuts, and seeds

Health Benefits of Choline

Heart Health

The first one of the health benefits of choline is its ability to help keep the heart healthy and working properly. A review published back in 2011 showed that a higher intake of choline is associated with a reduced risk of heart disease. This is good as long as you do not go past the upper limits of choline that were mentioned above. Antioxidants are another great way to lower the risk of heart disease. Check out this article to learn more about what they are and How Antioxidants Affect Your Body.

Brain Health

Along with its ability to be beneficial for your heart, choline can help your brain too. It can improve your memory and overall brain function, and assist in the development of the brain in young children.

Memory & Brain Function

As previously mentioned, choline can improve your memory and overall brain function. One study showed that in adults aged 50-85, supplementing 1,000 mg of choline each day could lead to improved short and long-term verbal memory. This improvement will take time and will not just happen overnight to receive the benefits.

Brain Development

The evidence that choline can aid in brain development is mixed. Some studies show that there is no link between Choline and improvement in brain development. However, there are also studies that show the opposite.

For example, one study showed that in 1,210 pregnant women, choline intake had no link to a mental performance by the time they were 3 years old. On the other hand, a different study showed that a higher intake within the second trimester was associated with better memory scores in the same children as the previous study. While there is a chance that choline might not be beneficial, it would not hurt to increase your intake if you are pregnant as long as you are staying within the recommended limits.

Other Benefits

These are not the only benefits of choline. There are many more that research is showing and more studies are being done each year to prove whether or not choline has an effect on certain aspects of the body. Some areas that they are looking at are its effect on the liver and liver disease, the link between choline and a lower risk of breast cancer, and even the link between choline and a lower risk of neural tube defects.


There are many different benefits of choline that you can receive if you reach the daily recommended amount and do not go over the upper limits to avoid any harmful consequences. To reap the benefits, choline can improve your heart, brain function, memory, and development in young children, and many more.


featured image for essential security for business websites

Essential Security for Business Websites

featured image for essential security for business websites

Essential Security for Business Websites

Almost every business nowadays has a website. It is where people go to learn about your business and what you have to offer. While websites are a great resource for your customers, if not protected, they can become harmful to your customers and your business. There is essential security for business websites that everyone needs. Having this essential security will save you time, money, and reputation.

Install a Firewall

Before anything else, make sure any devices used by your company have a firewall. Firewalls protect your network from cyber-attacks and malicious malware. Every employee will need one, no matter where they work.

Anti-virus and Anti-spyware Software

On top of a firewall, make sure you have anti-virus and anti-spyware installed. Spyware can be downloaded onto your computer by mistake or without you knowing. When downloaded, it watches everything you do on that device and gathers data and personal information. To avoid this, install anti-virus and anti-spyware software. The software will scan your device for any spyware and notify you before any is downloaded. This will help keep all sensitive information for your business safe.

Back-up Information Regularly

If a system were to crash, it should not be detrimental to your company. Keep important files and documents backed up in multiple places to keep them safe. Use multiple hard drives or a cloud to store copies of these important documents. On top of that, make sure someone is backing up these documents weekly.

PCI Compliance

If your website accepts online payments, make sure that you are up to date on the latest PCI (Payment Card Industry) standards. You can visit the website here to find out what those standards are.

Full Disk Encryption

a laptop sitting on a desk

Finally, use full disk encryption. Keep it on every computer and mobile device used for your business and it will provide an entirely new level of security. Full disk encryption acts as another wall or a shield. It turns your data into unusable strings of letters and numbers.

Having this essential security for business websites will ultimately leave you with a peace of mind. When you do not have the necessary security, you take the chance of hackers stealing your information. Important files can also be destroyed and lost. Check out our article, “Accounting and Bookkeeping for a Private Label Business“, for more tips on running your business.


social media for small businesses

Using Social Media To Grow Your Business

social media for small businesses

Using Social Media To Grow Your Business

There are a plethora of ways to market your business to your target audience via the internet. You can use it to advertise online or even market through email. However, one of the best ways is to use social media to connect with your audience. Continue reading to learn more about social media for small businesses.

Social Media For Small Businesses

Social Media Platforms

When it comes to what social media platforms you should use to grow your small business, there is a lot to consider. There are a lot of social media sites out on the internet and some are better for doing different things for your business. Here is a short rundown on what each platform is used for in the business world.

  • Facebook: This platform is the most used platform as they have over 60 million small business accounts as of June 2019. Facebook is used mostly for engaging customers and pay-per-click campaigns.
  • Instagram: Pacific Comunity Ventures a company that has advised thousands of small businesses states that “Instagram can make your brand feel more “human,” using visual tools and other forms of multimedia engagement.”
  • LinkedIn: LinkedIn is used for business to business (B2B) marketing. Most use it to find people to collaborate with.
  • Twitter: You might have already seen many businesses on Twitter. Most of them are following the same pattern of giving quick updates about what is going on to lead people to their website.
  • YouTube: While YouTube may not be a social media platform that many businesses use, you can upload videos for loyal customers to view. Another thing that you can do is create ads for the site.

Create A Plan

When you have decided which platform you are going to use, you need to set goals that you want to achieve with your social media pages. Next, you want to create a plan as to what you are going to do for each one of your pages. Creating a plan is important because posting without a goal is pointless. You should also post content that is unique to your target audience. Check out this article to learn more about Creating Content For Your Target Audience. reminds owners of small businesses to “Plan your posts-don’t just wing it.” One way to do this is to set aside around an hour or two each week to plan out your posts and if something comes up that you want to post about, you can reschedule from there. Michael Del Gigante of also reminds small business owners to not bombard your followers as “overtly promotional content goes from being useful to annoying.”


Interacting with customers that you currently have or someone who is a potential customer on social media is important because it will show that you care and are wanting to engage with your community. There are many different ways to do this as well, like replying to any comments on your Facebook posts.

If your business has a Twitter account you can interact with your customers in a variety of ways. If your account is a more serious business account than you would spend your time answering questions that they have. However, if you take a more laid back approach, then you could post quick updates and have fun with it.

As previously mentioned, LinkedIn is mainly used for businesses to business marketing. Your interactions with potential people to collaborate with could be what makes the deal happen. Another way to use LinkedIn is to find someone to replace a worker that your company just lost, You want to respond to any messages that you get in a timely manner to ensure the satisfaction of everyone. Not to mention, it could also make your small business look more professional.

Another way to interact with your customers is quickly replying to any messages you receive on your company’s Instagram page as this shows that you are active and paying attention. You can manage these by using a managing app like Hootsuite or Sprout Social.


One way to get your followers to interact with you, even more, is to host promotional giveaways. You can host a giveaway with certain requirements such as liking your Facebook page or following you on Instagram. Just make sure that you are following all of the guidelines for the platform you host it on. Check out this article to learn more about doing giveaways on social media.


Before you start to search for an influencer to promote your business, it is important to know what exactly an influencer is. Influencers are people on social media with the ability to influence potential buyers of business by promoting or recommending their product or service, typically they have a large number of followers.

While follower count is important to look for, the ones with the most followers may not be the best choice for your business. You want to find an influencer who is relevant in your field who has a high engagement rate. Some influencers will require payment while others will accept free products or discount codes.


When it comes to social media for small businesses, there is a lot to know. Most importantly, you need to remember that growing your business through social media will take time and effort.


featured image for how to host a giveaway on social media

How to Host a Giveaway on Social Media

featured image for how to host a giveaway on social media

How to Host a Giveaway on Social Media

With social media becoming increasingly popular for marketing and advertising, giveaways have become more common as well. Everyone loves free stuff! Giveaways have become one of the popular and effective ways to increase brand awareness and sales. However, hosting a giveaway can be tricky. It is important to keep track of your entries and follow the rules given by social media platforms. Here is a basic introduction to how to host a giveaway on social media.

What is the Goal of the Giveaway?

First, it is important to figure out what the goal of the giveaway is. Are you trying to gain more followers, more emails, or just more brand awareness? This should be decided on before starting a giveaway. This will help give your post direction and drive the results you are hoping for.

Decide What to Giveaway

This is probably the most exciting part of the giveaway – the prize! Make sure that the prize of the giveaway reflects your business. If you own a clothing boutique, give away a gift card for your shop rather than free movie tickets. This helps give your audience a sample of your product and encourages them to purchase more from you in the future.

Make sure that the prize is also worth the effort to enter. No one is going to want to post on their profile just for the chance to win a small sample of your product. Your audience needs to want the prize enough to be willing to put in the effort to enter and follow the guidelines given. Some better rules to win samples of a product could be just to like the giveaway post and follow your page.

How to Run Your Giveaway

a person holding an iPhone with Instagram open

To run the giveaway, decide on a social media platform where most of your target audience is. Instagram is the most popular platform for giveaways. Then, create a post with an image of the prize. Be sure to list the rules to enter the giveaway in the caption. A few giveaway rules could be:

  • Follow and like the giveaway post
  • Tag 3 friends
  • Tag more friends for more entries
  • Share the giveaway post on your story and mention us
  • Repost one of our posts to your page and tag us

These are just some of the most common rules people use for giveaways. There are so many other ways you can have people enter your giveaway. Be sure to also post reminders for your giveaway. Most importantly, keep track of your entries. You can either keep track of them manually or use websites and apps to help. The most popular tool for keeping track of entries is Hootsuite.

Picking a Winner

Before choosing a winner, be sure that your entries are in. Make sure that none of your winners are using duplicate profiles as well. Once a winner is selected, announce it for your audience to see! This helps people know the giveaway was legit and gets them excited for your next giveaway.

Figuring out how to host a giveaway on social media can be tricky. Following the guidelines and rules, however, will make things run smoother. If your business is on social media, you should consider a giveaway to promote your business. For more marketing tips check out our article, Creating Social Media Ads for Your Business.


featured image for the importance of seo for a small business

The Importance of SEO for Small Businesses

featured image for the importance of seo for a small business

The Importance of SEO for Small Businesses

SEO is something that every business’s website needs. Even if you run and operate a small private label business you should have an SEO strategy. This is because, if done right, it will bring more traffic to your website, resulting in more customers. But what exactly is SEO and what is the importance of it? Continue reading to learn more about SEO for small businesses.

What Is SEO?

Search engine optimization, otherwise known as SEO is a set of rules for optimizing your website so it can reach higher rankings in a search engine’s (for example Google) organic results. Organic results are the web listings that most closely match the search based on relevance. Paid results, on the other hand, are exactly as the name suggests. Paid results allow you to pay for your website to show up on the first pages of search engines. While paid results may be easier and quicker, oftentimes internet users skip over these results and head right for the top-ranking organic ones.

SEO For Small Businesses

There are many different ways that you can improve your business website’s SEO rating. It is important to have a good rating, as it will allow your page to be on the first page of search results. However, what can you do to help ensure that your small business’s website is found in the midst of larger companies?

Understand The Importance OF SEO

In the competitive market today, SEO is more important than ever. This is because search engines like google are serving millions of people each day who are looking for answers to their questions. says “…with no efforts in this field, you won’t be able to attract many visitors from the different search engines.” This is because having good SEO will allow your website to be one of the first ones displayed on these search engines.

Create an SEO Friendly Website For Your Small Business

team at a table working on seo

This is the first step that small businesses need to take in order for them to gain more traffic through organic traffic. states that SEO is a great way to increase the quality of a web site by making it user-friendly, faster, and easier to navigate.” To start with your website, you need to register a domain name and develop your website. You should also provide details about your company on your website. The minimum should at least be your company details, products,
contact info, business hours, etc. Check out one of our previous articles to learn more about Setting Up A Website For Your Business.

Find The Perfect Keyphrase

One of the most important things that you can do to better optimize your website is to choose the best keyphrase. A keyphrase is the word or words that you want your page to be found for. says that one of the most common mistakes that small business owners are making with their SEO is not connecting their keywords with a potential user’s search. You want to make sure that your keyword is relevant enough to the point where someone will look it, or something very similar up. There are keyword tools available to help small and large businesses find the perfect keywords.

Creating Content

After you have chosen the perfect keyword for your website, it is important to create relevant content around that keyword. Take this article, for example, the chosen keyphrase is SEO for small businesses. The article is focusing on this topic and has relevant sources to back it up. Your business might not have articles like this and that is fine. As long as the content you are creating is focusing on the keywords. Be sure to not stuff your keyword too as it can actually cause your website to not show in the search engines.

Internal, External, & Inbound Links

Both of these kinds of links are important if you want to make your website more SEO friendly. Internal links are links to other pages on your website. They are important because if one of your pages gets a lot of internal links, Google will recognize this as a high-value article. Another reason to internally link is to keep potential customers on your website longer. On the other hand, External links are links from your website to other websites. These are important because they allow the people who got your information from, whether it be a case study or a professional’s opinion to get credit. You would want people to link to your website if they got it from you right? So why not link to the people you got yours from.

Inbound links can be a great another great SEO booster. All they require is your content being linked from some other website. In order for this to happen, you will need to have content that is worth linking to.

Image Alt Attributes

A picture is worth a thousand words. However, if you don’t add an alt text, it doesn’t mean much in SEO terms. An alt text provides your readers and search engines with a description of what is on the image. Adding your keyword to the alt text connects it to the image and can optimize your page even more.

How Your Small Business Can Grow With SEO

With SEO by your side, your small business has the ability to grow and become one of the next large corporations. All you need to do is make sure that you have an SEO friendly website and are constantly adapting your website to current SEO standards. says that these standards change around twice per year. This makes it even more vital to keep an eye on your SEO rating.


SEO for small businesses is not as hard as it might seem. All you really need is to know what you are doing and a little bit of time. If you do not have either of those, but do have the budget for it, you can hire someone who will take care of your SEO rating for you.


featured image for how to use influencer marketing

How to Use Influencer Marketing

featured image for how to use influencer marketing

How to Use Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing has taken over social media. Almost everyone has seen a post with someone advertising a product or service. It is a growing industry and is only expected to continue to grow. Here is your guide for how to use influencer marketing to help bring awareness to your business.

Who are Influencers?

Influencers are people on social media who are used by businesses to help promote their products or services. Years ago, celebrities were the only ones who used to advertise. Now, other people like bloggers and photographers have gained such large followings, there are more options for companies.

Why Use Influencers?

Using influencers is a great way for businesses to reach a more targeted audience. Rather than paying one celebrity a ton of money to promote their brand, they can reach out to influencers. This helps target a specific niche. For example, a makeup company can use an influencer who blogs about makeup or does makeup tutorials on YouTube to promote their product. Since this person has followers who care about makeup and view them as a trusted source, the makeup company is more likely to gain a lot more customers.

Make Sure They Are a Good Fit

Instagram influencer account open on a phone

Before reaching out to an influencer, it is important to make sure they will be a good fit for your brand. Take some time too look at their account and make sure the content they are posting is unique, relevant, and is getting a lot of engagement. If they have a lot of followers, but hardly any likes and comments on their posts, then you most likely will not get much out of working with them. It is also important that they post often. If it has been months or even years since their last post, chances are their followers have lost interested in them or have even forgotten about them.

Reach Out to Them

Once you have found someone who would be a great fit as an influencer for your brand, reach out to them. You can either message them through social media or email them if they have one available. First, let them know what you like about their content. Then ask if they would be interested in working with or collaborating with your business. Some ways that businesses collaborate with influencers include:

  • Giveaways
  • Sponsored posts
  • Takeovers
  • Ambassador programs
  • Interviews or guest bloggers
  • Product Reviews

If an influencer gets back to you, great! If not, then they may believe that your product or service is not a great fit for them. When an influencer does want to work with you, you will then need to work out how they will benefit from your collaboration. This can be done either by giving them free products to try out or by paying them. Some businesses will even collaborate and host giveaways together to trade followers.

Overall, influencer marketing is a great option for businesses to advertise and promote their brands. While it does have its pro’s and con’s, many people have used it to earn more sales. Do not forget to also check out our post on Creating Social Media Ads for Your Business for more help with advertising your business.


effects of antioxidants

How Antioxidants Affect Your Body

effects of antioxidants

How Antioxidants Affect Your Body

The human body is constantly under attack by many different free radicals. Whether they come from inside our body or from outside, the fight does not stop. The body uses antioxidants to fight these. However, what are some of the effects that they have? Continue reading to learn more about the effects of antioxidants on your body.

What Are Free Radicals?

Free radicals are compounds that can harm parts of the body if their levels become too high. If the levels do become too high then you could be at risk of developing illnesses like diabetes, heart disease, and cancer. Your body is exposed to free radicals when it converts the food you eat into energy (metabolism). You are also exposed to them through cigarette smoke, air pollution and ultraviolet light from the sun.

What Are Antioxidants?

Antioxidants are small molecules that protect your cells from damage caused by free radicals. It is important to get enough antioxidants through your diet or through supplementation to keep free radicals in check.

Effects Of Antioxidants

The main job of antioxidants in the body is to combat oxidative stress. Oxidative stressed is caused by free radicals and is what can cause damage to cells and DNA. The National Institutes of Health states that “Oxidative Stress is thought to play a role in a variety of diseases including cancer, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, and eye diseases.”

While antioxidants protect the body from many diseases, this does not mean that you can go and get as many as you want and call yourself healthy. In fact, too many antioxidants can actually be harmful to your health.

Where Can You Get Antioxidants?

There are a plethora of foods that you can get antioxidants from. It is recommended that you get them from a wide variety of sources and eat a balanced diet too. Here are some foods that contain good amounts of antioxidants:

  • Dairy Products: These foods are sometimes fortified (nutrients that have been added) with vitamins that serve as antioxidants. Check the label on your milk to see if it contains antioxidants.
  • Citrus Fruits: These all contain vitamin C, a known antioxidant. Try to add oranges and grapefruit to your diet.
  • Other Fruits: Bell Peppers are a great example as they actually contain more vitamin C than oranges do. Berries are another great choice too.
  • Vegetable Oils: Sunflower and Safflower oils are some of the best sources of vitamin E, another known antioxidant.

There are also many other foods that you can get such as dark chocolate. You can also get antioxidants from supplements like the ones here at Private Label Liquids. We have an antioxidant-packed Stock Formula that is ready to have your label on it.


To recap, there are many effects of antioxidants. Antioxidants protect the body from the damage caused by free radicals. You need to get enough antioxidants to fight back, however not get too many as it can lead to many things such as lung cancer in smokers, hemorrhagic stroke, and prostate cancer. Finally, you can get antioxidants from a wide variety of foods.

Visit our website to learn more about our Antioxidant Stock Formula.

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featured image for top app for small businesses

Top Apps for Small Businesses

featured image for top app for small businesses

Top Apps for Small Businesses

Running a business can be difficult and feel overwhelming at times. Luckily, there are ways to help things run smoother. One option is to download apps that help with the things you do not have time for. With these top apps for small businesses, you can focus on growing your business.


Gusto – This app is great for keeping track of payroll and benefits for your employees. While there is a monthly fee and a cost per person, it is one of the most popular and recommended apps for small businesses.


Quickbooks – This is the most popular app used for accounting. However, it is not free. There are options available for you depending on how large your business is. It is also nice because it offers a lot and sync well with other business apps. This makes it easier to keep everything organized.

Wave – This is the best free option available for accounting apps. They offer a lot of the same features as Quickbooks. You do have to pay for extra support, but most of the features are free. You cannot go wrong with this accounting app. A couple of downsides is that it is only available on Apple iOS mobile devices and it does not offer inventory management. However, it is available on all desktop devices. For more tips for accounting check out our article, Accounting and Bookkeeping for a Private Label Business.


Paypal – This is a great option for those who do not want to type their credit card numbers into websites.

Square – This has been used by many small businesses for years. It is used by food trucks, small clothing boutiques, and so many more. You can accept payments using a mobile device or a tablet by plugging in the card swiper. You can accept payments online, on the phone, or on your website. Although not cheap, this is a great way to accept payments for your business.


Evernote – This app is a way to keep all your notes in one place. You can easily switch between all your devices and have everything there. There is a basic free plan that people use for their small business. However, for any premium features, there is a fee.

Slack – Slack is great for communicating with a team. You can keep conversations all in one place and direct message one another if needed. The service has a basic free option, but for their premium services, you will need to pay a monthly fee per user. It is great for keeping communication in your business organized.

Dropbox – This app is a great way to keep files and documents all in one place. This is especially handy when employees do not work all in one place.


Mint – This is a great budgeting app to help keep track of your finances for your small business. You can set budgets and receive weekly reports. This helps prevent you from spending more than you need to on things you do not need.


Accounting And Bookkeeping For A Private Label Business

accounting and bookkeeping

Accounting And Bookkeeping For A Private Label Business

When it comes to accounting and bookkeeping, there is a lot to know. For starters, you should know what each of these is and what they do for your business. Continue reading to learn more about accounting and bookkeeping for a private label business.


Accounting is recording, analyzing, interpreting and presenting financial information. It can be done by one person for a smaller company, however, in larger organizations, it can be done by a team of accountants.

The main function of accounting is to prepare a record of the business’s financial affairs. Accounting also includes interpreting the numbers that are prepared and provided by a bookkeeper. These numbers are then used to determine the financial health of the company.


Bookkeeping is the process of recording a business’s financial transactions. It is also organizing these transactions. It is crucial to do this because it is one of the best ways a business owner can figure out if their business is making a profit. This is similar to accounting, however, bookkeeping lays the foundation for accounting, and accounting analyzes the data that is collected from the bookkeeper.

Bookkeeping Accounts

These accounts are not the same account as you would have at a bank. states that a bookkeeping account is a record of all the financial transactions of a certain type. These include:

  • Cash: All business transactions pass through an account like this. Some businesses will even have 2 accounts. One for cash receipts and one for disbursements.
  • Accounts Receivable: If you sell products and/or services and you do not collect payment immediately, you must track the accounts receivable. This is money due from customers and keeping it up to date.
  • Inventory: This account is all of the products that you have on your shelf. You should make sure that this is up to date and is periodically checked by counting by hand.
  • Accounts Payable: An account like this can help you keep track of all the money that you owe to other people. It is critical to watch closely so you pay your bills on time and don’t pay someone twice.
  • Sales: This is where you track all revenue that is incoming from what you sell. Keeping track of this can help you know where your business stands.
  • Purchases: This account is simple. You track anything that you purchase such as raw material that you buy for your business.
  • Payroll: Keeping this account up to date and accurate is important for meeting government requirements.

It is important to remember that the bookkeeping accounts for your business will not look exactly the same as another business down the street. That is fine as your business is your own.

You may even have other accounts for other things too. This includes loans for equipment or furniture in your office. You need to track this information too.


When it comes down to the basics of accounting and bookkeeping, all you need to remember is to keep track of all the money that comes in and goes out. One thing that you can do is hire an accountant or bookkeeper from an outside source to manage all of your expenses.

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featured image for creating social media ads for your business

Creating Social Media Ads for Your Business

Creating Social Media Ads for Your Business

Creating ads on social media is not always as easy as it looks. There is a lot of planning and designing that goes into an effective ad. Here are a few guidelines for creating social media ads for your business.

Call to Action or Goal

Before anything else, it is important that what you post has a clear call to action or a goal. What do you want people to do when they see your ad? If you want them to navigate to your website, your ads need to encourage them to do so.

Sticking to Your Brand

When creating ads for social media, there are so many ways to design a post and styles to choose from. Business owners, however, should follow a style guide for all content they create. They need to have a clear brand and that is recognizable by their audience. Sticking to a brand is how people remember who you are. When posting an ad, your customers should recognize the style of the content and know who the post is from before being told. Check out our article, Why Brand Consistency is Important, for more information on branding.

Paid Ads

girl on phone in creating social media ads for your business

Once you have put together an ad with a clear call to action, you need to get it in front of the eyes of your target audience. One easy way to go about this is by using paid ads. Paid ads on social media sites are very affordable and reach a lot of people. When setting up your target audience for a paid ad, it is important to have a good balance. You do not want your target audience to be too broad or too specific. Doing either will limit the number of customers you receive. You may reach more people having a broad audience, but many of those people will have no interest in your company. This will end up being a waste of your time and money.

To narrow down your customers, focus on who your target audience is. Where do they live? How old are they and what are they interested in? Doing this will enable your ad to weed out people who have no interest in what you post and target those who do. Our article, Creating Content for Your Target Audience, dives deeper into this topic.


Once you get your social media ads going, it is important to engage with your audience. If someone comments on a post, be sure to reply. Answer messages and respond to anyone who tags or mentions your business. Building a community helps people trust your brand and encourages others to join.

Creating social media ads for your business may feel a little overwhelming the more you read. However, it should not feel this way! Sticking to guidelines is a great place to start. Once you get started, things should get easier through trial and error. Want to sell vitamin supplements? Get started with Private Label Liquids here.


Health Benefits of Aloe Vera Juice

benefits of aloe vera juice

Health Benefits of Aloe Vera Juice

Aloe vera is a plant that by itself has many benefits. However, what are some of the benefits of aloe vera juice? Continue reading to learn more about this healthy drink.

Health Benefits


There are also many other nutrients that it has to offer. A study published in the Indian Journal of Dermatology showed these nutrients:

  • Calcium: Calcium is a mineral that is needed to maintain strong bones and carry out other functions in the body.
  • Zinc: Zinc is needed for the body to fight off any invading bacteria and viruses. It also helps to make DNA.
  • Vitamin A: This vitamin is known to do many things such as maintain vision, keep the immune system healthy, and help organs work properly.
  • Magnesium: This nutrient does many things for the body. These include regulating muscle and nerve function, blood sugar levels and blood pressure.
  • Vitamin C: Vitamin C serves as an antioxidant and helps protect the cells from damage caused by free radicals
  • Potassium: Potassium plays an important role in the body. It aids in proper kidney and heart function, muscle contraction, and even nerve transmission.
  • Vitamin E: Found in many foods, this vitamin is also an antioxidant protecting the body from free radicals. It also helps fight off invading bacteria.

The study also showed that there are potentially over 75 nutrients as well with these being some of the well-known nutrients.


Aloe is a water-dense plant, so it can prove to be an effective way to stay hydrated to prevent or treat dehydration. Staying hydrated is important because water can flush out anything harmful to your body. Aloe vera juice can go beyond because it also has nutrients that have their own benefits too.

Try to substitute aloe vera juice instead of coconut water next time you are looking for a good post-workout drink.

Relieves Constipation

Aloe vera juice can also help with constipation. That is because aloe vera juice can be a natural laxative. This laxative effect comes from the outer part of the aloe vera plant call anthraquinones.

Skin Care

The aloe vera plant is rich in antioxidants and other vitamins that help protect your skin. The juice of the plant has the same nutrients that can help keep the skin clear of acne and healthy too. Aloe vera can also protect the skin from UV light and improve skin that has already been damaged by the sun.

Digestive Benefits

Aloe vera contains several enzymes that can help breakdown sugars and fats. This can help keep your digestion running as smooth as possible. It is important to keep your digestion operating smoothly or you will not be able to absorb all of the nutrients from the food that you are eating.


There are many benefits of aloe vera juice. These are just a few of the main ones. To receive these benefits all you need to do is drink aloe vera juice. Make sure that you are getting the pure aloe vera juice, as some compainies add things like sugars to their product. Aloe vera juice is also added to supplements like the ones here at Private Label Liquids. Check the label to see if yours contains it.

watch on an arm in time management tips for small businesses

Time Management Tips for Small Businesses

watch on an arm in time management tips for small businesses

Time Management Tips for Small Businesses

Are you a Private Label business owner? Do you want to accomplish more goals each day? Here are some great time management tips for small businesses. If you would like to get your own private label business started click here to learn how. Time management skills are vital for business growth, so we put together a few of the most recommended habits that small businesses should make.


supplies for planning in time management tips for small businesses

One of the most important things you can do when it comes to time management is to plan things out ahead of time. Set goals, whether short term or long term. To accomplish these goals, make lists. Write down things you intend to accomplish and then do them. You can even make a timeline of when you plan to accomplish each item on your list. This helps your goals become less overwhelming. Each day-to-day task may seem small. It may even seem like you are not getting anywhere. However, over time, your goals will start to unfold in front of you.


Learn how to delegate work to others when needed. Having help from others will make things move along much faster. As long as you hire the right person. This will also give you more time and energy to focus on more important tasks. It is also important to give employees the right training for any work you give them. Give them the proper training and be encouraging.

Take Breaks

Everyone needs a break. Without breaks, you will most likely become too tired and lose motivation. This often results in low-quality work. For this reason, it is important to incorporate breaks into your work schedule. Whether it’s a vacation or short breaks throughout your day. After coming back from a break, you should feel refreshed and ready to put your energy into working hard until your next break.

Track Finances

This is one is also very important. Finances are usually very stressful for anyone. By keeping track of your finances, you gain more time back. Staying organized will also help you feel less stressed. There are many options available for keeping track of your finances. You can do your bookkeeping on paper or online. Some popular apps for bookkeeping are:

Avoid Distraction

Lastly, try to avoid distractions. This is one of the most difficult things to accomplish. Getting distracted can be so easy. Especially since sometimes you do not realize you have gotten distracted. Distractions are one of the biggest time thieves. To avoid them, keep your workspace away from distracting people. Try to also keep electronic devices away from you when you do not need them. You can even use apps that set time limits for long you can use social media each day.


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