Small Business Christmas Marketing Ideas

Christmas ideas for small businesses

Small Business Christmas Marketing Ideas

The holiday season is filled with hordes of people going around shopping for various gifts. As a small business owner, you will want these people in your stores and buying your products. However, how do you get these customers attention, and how do you keep them coming back for your product? Continue reading to learn more about some Christmas ideas for small businesses.


To attract customers to your stores during the holiday season, you will need to give your store some holiday decorations. This does not mean simply hanging up a string of lights out front. You want your decorations to attract potential customers to your store, you will need decorations that are eye-catching.

One recommendation that we have is if you have a semi-large window, consider placing a display in it showcasing your products. If you take this route, be sure to change it once in a while so it does not get old. LocalSEOchecklist states that “Although it might seem like a huge feat to come up with a well-decorated store, it doesn’t really need a big budget.”

Holiday Photo Contests

One way to get your customers thinking about your company is to hold a photo contest. You can hold a contest for the most creative picture with a product of yours, or the coolest place with one. Either way will work as it will help get your customers involved with your brand. To incentivize people to enter your contest, you can offer a prize of a small item or gift card to your store. Be sure to have them tag you on your social media to enter the contest.


Giveaways are similar to contest, but they do not require much work from the customer. A giveaway would usually be done online through social media, however, you can host one in your store. One way to do this is to host a raffle contest, where each customer who comes in gets entered to win a cool prize. The requirements are up to you, as you could give them an entry per $10 they spend or something similar. For more on social media giveaways, check out this article to learn more.

12 Days Of Christmas

A 12 Days of Christmas sale could either be a discount, or a giveaway. It is up to you as to what you want to do. If you choose to go for a discount, consider giving a different product each day at a discount. Then advertise that this product is on sale on this day. This will get people coming back to your store on multiple different days.

If you would rather opt into doing a giveaway for each day you can hold a raffle as mentioned above. Another way to hold a 12 days of Christmas giveaway is to advertise prizes for each day and have a challenge or task that the customer must do in order to win. One way to better do this is by not letting the customers know what they have to do. Some examples of this are, being the 15th customer of the day, or the 1st customer to donate to the charity box.

Shopping Events

A shopping event can get you a plethora of customers through your doors., a service that supports businesses with professional expertise states, “It rakes some extra time and planning, but you can pull off a holiday-themed event in your store.” Some ways you can host an event are to have musicians playing holiday music or even offering a sample of holiday-themed products.

If your business caters more towards pets, you might want to focus your event around that. You can hold a pet-themed event where you give out a treat with every purchase or even an ugly sweater contest for dogs.

Gift Cards

Gift cards are great because they give you customers a reason to come back to your store. They also are very convenient and make great choices for shoppers who do not know what to get someone as a gift. If you haven’t had gift cards in your local store, we recommend that you start now.

Rewards Program

A rewards program will not only make your customers happy that they will be getting more discounts, but you will also be happy as they will continue to shop at your store. The holiday season is a great time to start people on your program as there are more shoppers.

Another way to reward your customers is with a punch card. You can either have them punch for each product they buy, or for every $15 they spend. The reward for the end of the card is up to you.

To keep these customers as your customers, a nonprofit lending network for small business owners recommends that you do the following: “Offer incentives for additional purchases and referrals. And give out discounts that can be redeemed during the slower months of January and February.” Doing these can keep your customers coming back even after the holiday season


There are many great Christmas ideas for small businesses, and it is important to start working on them as soon as possible. That way you have enough time to plan everything out and make sure it succeeds.

Happy Holidays from everyone here at Private Label Liquids.


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