Creating a Supplement Logo

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Creating a Supplement Logo

The most noticeable thing when anyone looks at a product is branding and product design. The colors, patterns, and logo all determine how a customer views a product. While Private Label Liquids provides label design, you will need to have a logo created for your company. Here are some tips and tools for creating a supplement logo. To learn more about starting a supplement line with Private Label Liquids, read the article here.

Keep It Unique

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One of the worst things you can do with your supplement logo design is to create something cliché. When many people begin designing logos, they tend to add the name or initials of the business inside a circle. Do not do this. There is nothing unique about this logo and it will not be memorable to customers. Avoid basic fonts as well. Try to design your font or purchase a font that fewer people have access to. Trends are another thing to avoid. While it may seem like a great idea to design a trendy logo, there will be hundreds just like it. Instead, spend time thinking about the message behind your company and what you stand for. Spend time sketching pages full of designs. Eventually, a great idea will come. It is also important to be careful about avoiding designs similar to other companies.

Tools to Help

To create your logo, you will need some type of graphics software. Luckily, there are a lot of options out there at all different prices. However, the best software will be pricier. Here are some of the most popular graphics softwares for creating a supplement logo:

Adobe Illustrator – Illustrator is by far the most popular and professional option for designing logos. It is also the most expensive. For Illustrator alone, it would cost you around $20.99/month. It is also difficult to learn how to use it if you do not already have experience working with it.

Canva – This is another popular graphics tool that many designers use. There are so many great options available. Plus, it is very cheap. You can either create a free account or pay for a premium. The graphics will look professional, but you will have to compromise on customizations. This means an unoriginal logo.

Sketch – A software that is comparable to Illustrator, is Sketch. Knowledge if this software is even becoming required for many designers. The best part, the price. Unlike Adobe Illustrator, individuals only need to pay a one-time fee of $99. For teams, $9/month.

When to Hire a Designer

If you want a high-quality logo for your products, hiring a professional designer is not a bad idea. Designing logos does not come easily to everyone. Designers are talented and have most likely finished years of schooling to create beautiful logos. There will be a difference between a handmade logo and a professional logo. However, not everyone can afford a professional designer. The great thing about a startup is that you have time to experiment with handmade logos and update your brand later once you have more cash flow. When you do need to hire a designer, there are many platforms online created for just that. Some of these top online platforms include:


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