Creating Photoshop Mock-ups for Your Products

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Creating Photoshop Mock-ups for Your Products

Mock-ups are used throughout the digital and print world to display designs and products. They can help make displaying products easier and more effective. Rather than having photoshoots for each product change, mock-ups can be reused while still looking nice. Here is what you need to know about creating Photoshop mock-ups for your products.

Only take high-resolution photos

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Using a DSLR camera and good lighting, take high-quality photos of a bottle to use for your mock-up templates. Having a basic photo will give your mock-up a proper perspective and help create a vanishing point. Mock-ups that use high-resolution photos are best for displaying on multiple devices. This could be anything from a mobile device, to a laptop, to a large T.V. screen. For photos, you should shoot for 300 dpi or better. This applies to both images of the products and the template. Matching image quality will result in a more realistic mock-up. When the qualities do not match, the mock-up will appear too edited.

For the best lighting indoors, try to shoot during the day when natural lighting is best. Avoid yellow or other lights that will create harsh shadows. When outdoors, shooting in the morning and late afternoon are best. The sun is too high in the afternoon, so photos taken at this time will result in harsh shadows. When creating Photoshop mock-ups for your products for listings on Amazon or your website, you will need a plain white background with just the product. Using a studio or a lightbox will help you get high-quality images for these product listings. For more tips, read our article, “Product Photography on a Budget“.

Create a file in Photoshop

Draw a shape – Once you have your image, you will need to open it up in Photoshop and draw a shaper over the area you are going to replace. Use the shape tool in Photoshop to do this and be sure that the entire area you want to replace is covered.

Create a smart object – Before doing anything else to your image, convert the shape you just created into a smart object. You can do this by right-clicking on the layer that the shape is in. When the drop-down menu appears, select “Convert to Smart Object”.

Fix the perspective – To make the shape you created fit your bottle, you will need to adjust the perspective of it. To do this, find “Edit” in the menu at the top. Go to Edit > Transform > Distort. Resize the shape to fit the shape you want to replace with your label. Lowering the opacity so the image is see-through will make it easier to resize. When you are finished making any changes, be sure to click “Enter” and raise the opacity to 100% if it was lowered. Your bottle should look like the image below either with or without a background.

Add your image – Find the layer your smart object is in and double click on the small thumbnail image you see there. A screen will then open with just your smart object shape you created. You can then upload the image you want to add to your product by going to File > Open. Drag the image over the smart object and drop it so it fills the entire shape. Once finished, hit “Save” and close that one window.

Adjust details – Your image should now be where your smart object was located. You may need to adjust different things like shadows and brightness until the added image matches the rest of the mock-up.


The Easy Way to Create Product Mockups in Photoshop

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