Custom Energy Shots: A Guide

If you’re one of the many people in the United States who has become hooked on the instant boost provided by concentrated custom energy shots, you might be wondering exactly which ingredient it is that gives you that extra push. Is it the caffeine or sugar that does it? Caffeine certainly picks you up and sugar is a substance that your body needs for natural energy, but is either the real catalyst in the process? Doesn’t sugar make you crash eventually?

Yes, sugar does make you crash. If you look at most of the newer custom energy shots that are on the market today you’ll see that many of them are sugar-free. You’ll also notice a label claiming they contain caffeine but you may not see it in the ingredients. That’s because the caffeine in an energy shot comes from guarana, a fruit that has twice the caffeine that a coffee bean has. Its potency has made it the most popular stimulant in South America, more likely to be found in caffeinated soda than its closest competitor, the coffee bean.

Energy Shots are Taken Mostly in Afternoon.

If these energy boosts were nothing more than caffeine and sugar, they would have been off the market not long after they were first introduced. Coffee and mainstream colas have conquered that niche market. If you want a quick boost in the morning, you’re more likely to pick up one of those than you would an energy shot. Custom energy shots of any kind seem to more popular in the afternoon and evening to get people through the balance of a day, not to get them started at the beginning of the day.

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Custom Energy Shots they are Increasing in their Popularity.

Custom energy shots do seem to be growing in popularity with younger people, even in the morning. The generation coming of age now is more active and into more athletic activities. Extreme sports and physical fitness activities like martial arts are more common today, so it makes sense that sales numbers for custom energy shots and drinks are much higher. The advertising campaigns being run by the manufacturers of these products are also a factor. Some of those have budgets that range in millions of dollars. Smaller companies with lower budgets have a hard time competing with that type of cash outlay.

A smart slogan is the key to every successful campaign and energy drink ads are no different. Coming up with a slogan which isn’t too difficult to understand but manages a laugh from the user is an automatic two thumbs up.  If you need assistance with getting started making your own brand of custom energy shots, give us a call here at Private Label Liquids.  We’re always ready to help!

Custom Energy Shots Make A Great Free Giveaway.

Customized custom energy shots can be given out at functions, trade shows, conventions, conferences, charities etc. It has proven to be a sure shot way of getting noticed. Having company booths having these customized drinks at these places can add to the event and further boost promotion.

You can make them a limited collector’s items, furthermore; they can be easily available and sold at all restaurants. There’s no better place to sell these drinks than at a gym or fitness facility, and if you run one, the next time someone needs a drink, after an extensive and tiring workout, hand him your own customized energy drink. Moreover, to add some value to it, for every membership you could give him a discount on his consumption of custom energy shots.

Promoting Custom Energy Shots

Stores and related clothing companies can make special offer slogans on cans and give them out as a promotional strategy. Multinational companies and corporations can give free drinks to employees or at conferences to their clients, making a statement in the process. Supporters of other sports teams, giving out free custom energy shots at home matches with their logos on them, will pump the supporters even further, helping to drive their team to victory. A lot of well-known websites, blogs, and social networks have also done marketing through these means of energy drink promotion.

If you think about it, almost every kind of company can gain from marketing their services or products through customized energy drink advertising. There are various companies your promotion is their top priority.  Of course, here at Private Label Liquids we can manufacture any type of custom supplement that you may need.  We also have a full line of private label supplements and vitamins for both people and pets!

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