Email Marketing Ideas for Your Supplement Line

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Email Marketing Ideas for Your Supplement Line

One of the most effective marketing tools nowadays is email marketing. Millions of people spend their mornings scrolling through their inboxes when they first get up. The question however is, how do you get your audience to open your emails rather than send them straight to the trash? Here are some email marketing ideas for your supplement line to help you get started. For those who want to learn more about why this is important, read our article, “The Importance of Email Marketing”.

Holiday Discounts

The holidays are one of the most common times companies will send out emails to their subscribers. This is because companies know that people will already be spending money. Sending your customers discounts during holidays is a great way to grab their attention.

Announce New Products

One way to play off the curiosity of others is to announce new products. These emails are especially effective for those who are already loyal customers. A new product from a company they already love and trust can be exciting. You can even send your subscribers a sneak peek of these new products.

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Birthdays and Personalization

One of the first things many people wake up to on their birthday is emails wishing them a happy birthday. Some even offer a discount or some other gift just for you. Although usually an automated message, it is still a fun reminder that it’s your birthday. Another way to catch the attention of your subscribers is personalization. Address them by their first name at the beginning of each email.

Abandoned Carts

Sometimes buyers might be a little hesitant to make a purchase. They may add things to their cart just to leave them there. This happens for several reasons. Sometimes people may want to do more research on the product. This can include reading reviews or learning more about the return policy before they commit. Other times it could be because the product is just out of their price range. Sending them a reminder about their abandoned cart or even offering a discount can help give them the extra push they needed to purchase the supplements they wanted.


Educating subscribers on your best-sellers and how effective they are is a great way to help them decide what products to buy. You can even add reviews from previous customers in your emails about these products.

Final Sales

If you are planning to discontinue certain supplements, be sure to let your subscribers know. This can give anyone a chance to snag something they have had their eye on before it is gone.

There are so many other email marketing ideas for your supplement line out there. These are only some of the most common and effective ones. Most importantly, be sure to find the right balance for your subscribers. Most people dread multiple emails from the same company in one day.

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