Gluten Free Supplements

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Gluten Free Supplements

There are plenty of factors to consider when choosing a company to private label with, and at Private Label Liquids, we aim to help narrow that decision until its clear that we are the best option.  Making gluten free supplements is just one of the many reasons that Private Label Liquids is the right choice for vitamin and mineral supplement private labeling and manufacturing.

Understanding Gluten

Let’s start over, what’s the deal with gluten? Why is everyone talking about it and more importantly, avoiding it.  Gluten is found in the protein family and is also known as glutein and gliadin. One of the prominent words you hear in conjunction with gluten is Celiacs.  Celiacs is a disease where the gliadin part of gluten is extremely damaging to the person ingesting it.  Many people can enjoy or at least tolerate gluten without extremely negative consequences but it seems that the number of people negatively impacted by gluten is growing. Because of this, we produce completely gluten free supplements and therefore eliminate any risk posed by gluten sensitivity.

Most of the time when you hear about people avoiding gluten it is usually to combat a specific issue such as the effects of celiacs. Gluten is known to be a key factor in trigging the body’s immune system and once triggered it attacks the small intestine. This is where you hear about people being gluten free with celiacs, if they continue to eat gluten their small intestine gets berated and never fully heals.

Because we know how gluten can affect many people, making gluten free supplements based on those effects makes our products safe for any sort of gluten intolerance while not losing any of the benefit that the supplement will be offering.

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