Guide to Product Photography on a Low Budget

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Guide to Product Photography on a Low Budget

Visual content and presentation are everything in marketing. The product being sold needs to appeal to customers and catch their eye. Unfortunately, not everyone has the budget to spend hundreds, even thousands on creating content. No need to fear! It is possible to get quality content without going bankrupt. Here is your guide to product photography on a low budget.


Lighting is so important when it comes to photography. For images to be clear crisp, they need to have good lighting. When images are taking in dim light, they turn out grainy and even blurry. When planning product photography, make sure you have a plan for your lighting. Natural lighting will almost always be the best option but is not always possible. Taking photos too close to noon will leave your photos with harsh shadows. The weather may also interfere with natural lighting. If the natural lighting is not an option, you will need another reliable source of lighting. Lamps and lightboxes are effective ways to get the lighting you need. Keep in mind that different lightbulbs provide either warm or cool tones.


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The background of your photography also makes the world of a difference. Most importantly, avoid backgrounds that are too busy or clash with the colors of the product. There are also two different types of product photography: lifestyle and product-only. Lifestyle photos are fun, have a busier background, and show your product in action. These are normally more exciting to look at and is the type of photography most often used in ads and social media. Product-only photography is great for product descriptions on websites. These are created using solid background color and the product. Just remember that whatever you do, it needs to work well with your brand. For more information on the importance of brand consistency, read this article here.


Nowadays, a decent camera is not hard to come by. DSLR cameras will have the best results for photography. However, they can be expensive. Most smartphones have great cameras built into them and will work just fine for product photography. If your only option is a smartphone, at least try to invest in a tripod to keep the camera steady.


When creating your lighting, it can be difficult to control shadows and glares. To prevent these, you can use reflectors. There are white reflectors made for this or you can create a makeshift reflector. Some people use white poster boards or even white foam boards as homemade reflectors. Anything like this will work just fine. Another thing you should have is a way to edit your photos. Not all photos will turn out picture-perfect, so having reliable software will help you create quality images.

There are so many ways to get creative and quality images for your brand. While high-end equipment is great, it is not needed to capture quality images. This guide to product photography on a low budget is a great place to start.


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