The Importance of Email Marketing

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The Importance of Email Marketing

Not everyone may think of email when it comes to marketing. Usually, ads on billboards or Facebook come to mind. However, email marketing has been a very important marketing tool. It even continues to grow today! Learn about the importance of email marketing and how it can be effective for your Private Label business.

More Effective than Social Media

According to studies, email marketing has been more effective than social media. For some people, this may not seem accurate. Social media is, of course, a great way to bring awareness to your business. However, it still does not trump the effectiveness of email. There are plenty of people who do not use social media, but can you think of anyone who does not have an email? Email is used by just about everyone. They are needed for jobs, for school, for tracking packages, or to send long messages to the family. Set up an email newsletter and you are sure to increase sales.

Brings People Back to Your Website

Many people will spend time on a website, leave, and never return. However, many people would return if they had an email sent to them to remind them. Many companies use email marketing to remind people of items in their shopping cart. They may even send a promo code through email for those items! Sometimes all people need is a little push to act and make a purchase they have been putting off or debating.


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Not only is email marketing powerful, but it is also very cost-effective. There are a lot of options for setting up an email newsletter for a business. Each option just depends on how large the business is. While just starting, some may opt for using Outlook to send emails. While this could work, it would get tedious as the number of subscribers grew. Luckily, there are other options. There are email marketing services available that keep everything organized for businesses. The best ones will cost money, but there are free options as well. MailerLite has the highest ratings for its free services. This is a great starting point that leaves room for upgrading if needed. A couple of other great email marketing platforms are MailChimp and Sender. While the features for all of these free options are limited, they all offer different things that may work great for your business.

Overall, the importance of email marketing is something that should be seriously considered for any business. When using a free service, no money can be lost, only gained. If marketing on social media is not working for a business, email marketing could be the way to. If you would like to get started selling with Private Label Liquids, take a look at how to get started and contact us.


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