Label Must-Haves for Your Supplement Line

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Label Must-Haves for Your Supplement Line

When it comes to dietary supplements, there are a lot of strict guidelines. The FDA has a set of label must-haves for your supplement line. Whether you are designing your labels or having someone else design them, it is important to be aware of what these guidelines and rules are. Following their guidelines before attempting to sell your supplements can save everyone a lot of hassle.

Supplement Facts

Every supplement label must have an information panel with supplement facts. This is located on the right of the display panel. Under the heading that reads: “Supplement Facts”, the serving size and servings per container should be listed. Another one of the first things required in the supplement facts panel is the list of nutritional values. These are things like vitamin A, vitamin C, calcium, etc. List every nutrient out with measurement and average daily value amount per serving as well.

Underneath the list of nutrients, or to the right, should be the ingredients for the safety of consumers. As for style, the title “Supplement Facts” must be larger than the rest of the text on the panel. The text should be easy to read, not touch surrounding design aspects, and have plenty of space between lines. The text should also be black and have a black hairline border surrounding it. The background color should also be solid white or light-colored neutral.

Display Panel

This is the panel that consumers see first and use to identify your supplement. This panel must have the name of the product and display the words “dietary supplement”. Most labels include the name or company logo above all of this. It also must let the consumer know the net quantity of the product (ex: 1fl. oz.). Directions should be placed on the bottle, so the consumer knows how to safely use the supplements. This information is usually found to the left of the main display panel. Another thing that is required on the label is the name and address for the manufacturer, distributor, or packer. Not only that but the country where it was manufactured needs to be specified on the label as well in English.

There are a few other requirements for the display panel of your supplements as well. You must leave our claims that your supplement does not treat, diagnose, or cure any diseases. A claim that your product has not been evaluated by the FDA. Supplements containing Iron must also provide the following warning:

“Accidental overdose of iron-containing products is a leading cause of fatal poisoning in children under 6. Keep this product out of reach of children. In case of accidental overdose, call a doctor or poison control center immediately.

Luckily, Private Label Liquids provides label design for your supplements. However, if you are designing your labels, be sure that you have these label must-haves for your supplement line. Keep in mind that this is not a comprehensive list. A full comprehensive list with requirements can be found on the FDA’s website here.


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