Advanced Multiple Liquid Multivitamin

Advanced Multiple Liquid Multivitamin

We have one of the best liquid multivitamins on the market.  Place your order today!


Private Label Multivitamin Manufacturer

We are private label multivitamin manufacturers of liquid supplements and vitamins. Advanced Multiple contains the highest quality ingredients and whole foods.

Our private label Advanced Multivitamin has been our best selling supplement since 2007.This all-inclusive multiple vitamin and supplement packed the highest quality ingredients. With today’s fast paced lifestyle it is difficult to maintain balanced nutrition on a daily basis. This is the best vitamin to take if you were to choose one. Advanced Multiple offers a one stop solution to help balance your diet with the most important vitamin and high-quality complexes clinically shown to promote overall health and maintain your bodies proper balance of vitamins and minerals.

This all-encompassing private label Advanced Multiple is a supplement that tastes great with the wild berry flavor. It is sweetened with agave cactus nectar and fruit juices so everyone in your family will enjoy taking it.

  • Completely soy free. Vitamin E from sunflower oil
  • Non-GMO
  • Sugar free
  • All b-vitamins are derived from methyl coenzyme forms or whole food based from organic certified herbs
  • Folic acid is 100% sourced from organic lemon peel
  • Selenium from selenomethionine
  • All minerals come from plant origin or chelated for superior absorption
  • Fiber blend sources all fiber from non-GMO prebiotic sources
  • Increased amount of super phyto-food complex contains 10 Vegetables, 29 fruit extracts or concentrates, 12 spices and herbal extracts, 3 sea vegetables and pure aloe vera juice for a superior ORAC antioxidant and polyphenol content.
  • Increased cardiovascular, liver and detox support now contains 100% natural TMG from USA sourced sugar beets, red wine grape extracts, and resveratrol among other herbs and supplements
  • Youth and energy complex now contains MSM, Vegan glucosamine, HA, and ayurvedic herbs
  • Vegetarian amino acid complex from organic quinoa

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Contact us to order this private label multivitamin and supplement product with your own custom printed labels to help build your business and keep your customers reordering from you directly. There is only a 12 bottle minimum order. We do all the graphic design work & labeling for free, contact us for wholesale pricing and get started today:  (888) 866-5755.  Email us

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Advanced Multiple

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