Dog Ear Cleaner Supplement

Dog Ear Cleaner Supplement


Private Label Dog Ear Cleaner Manufacturer

Ear Cleaner for Dogs is a safe and effective way to maintaining good ear hygiene for your pets. Ear Cleaner for Dogs helps to deodorize and remove moisture from your dog’s ears. This product is a blend of Isopropyl Alcohol, Boric Acid, and Gentian Violet. This advanced combination is specifically designed to reduce irritation and remove moisture from the ears which could lead to discomfort in the dog’s ears. We recommend using Ear Cleaner for Dogs after bathing or swimming. Ear Cleaner for Dogs helps to soothe irritation in ears and reduce your pet from scratching at its ears. This easy to handle 12 oz bottle has an open/close top designed for convenience while pouring the Ear Cleaner liquid into the dog’s ears with accuracy and control.  (This product is best used in a bathtub or outdoors, as the purple color could stain clothing).

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