Do’s and Don’ts Of A Private Label Facebook Business Account

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Do’s and Don’ts Of A Private Label Facebook Business Account

Running a private label Facebook business account for business can allow you to reach potential customers that you would have never reached before. However, many businesses are not using their Facebook business profile in the correct way which is limiting the number of people that they are reaching. So, how do you avoid this by using your Facebook business profile to its potential? Continue reading to learn more about some Do’s and Don’ts of running a Facebook profile for your business.

Running A Private Label Facebook Business Account


Fill Out “About” Section

The “About” section on your business’s Facebook page will tell the people visiting it what your business is all about. You want to fill in all of the information you can to the best of your ability to make it easier for your customers to find you. be sure to use keywords in your “About” section too such as liquid vitamins or liquid supplements. Another thing to make sure you do is use a recognizable profile picture so someone can easily find you. Many businesses use their log which is perfectly fine, just make sure that it fits the space correctly.

Post Consistently

Posting consistently will allow you to stay in front of your audience and keep your audience growing. To find how often you should post, start with only posting once a day and see if you can up that number to get more engagement. Be sure to occasionally throw in a “behind the scenes” post showing what it is like in your warehouse or store. This can give the account a more human feel to it instead of sounding like it is all one ad.

Use Hashtags Correctly

Many people tend to use hashtags on Facebook the same way they would use them on Instagram by just adding as many hashtags they can fit. This is, in fact, the wrong way to use hashtags on Facebook. For example Buzzsumo, an insight tool for Facebook analyzed over 1 billion posts on Facebook and found that the ones without hashtags tended to do better than the ones without. Before you stop using hashtags altogether, maybe you should rethink how you use them. Instead of filling up space with them, try and use one or two as keywords so when someone searches it, your post will show up.

Analyze Your Account

Many people either don’t use it correctly or forget that Facebook has a built-in analytics tool that you can use to help grow your business. In fact, this is one of the best benefits of a business Facebook account. Some examples of the insights it provides are post likes, page views, and reach. You can use these insights to see which posts did better than the others so you can improve the content you share such as a certain product performing better than another. Be sure to check out one of our previous articles to learn about some more Benefits of A Business Facebook Account.


Over Post

As mentioned above, it is important to make sure that you are posting consistently to Facebook to stay in front of your audience. However, there is a point where it gets annoying about how often you post as many will find that it is annoying and unfollow you. To add to that, the algorithm at Facebook is designed to discourage posting too often. This means your posts won’t be seen and you will have wasted valuable time.

Post Irrelevant Content

Just because something is “trending” doesn’t mean you have an excuse to post about it. For example, if a certain meme format is trending, and you already occasionally post memes relating to your brand, or private label vitamins, by all means, go ahead and share as you could get new followers. However, if something is trending and it has nothing to do with your business, then don’t post about it.

Forget To Respond

One thing that many businesses struggle with is responding to comments, tags, or messages they receive on their Facebook pages. It is important to respond to these in a timely manner. Some ways to respond are answering a question asked, or just simply replying to the comment with thanks for the input. Just because you have something that auto-replies doesn’t mean all the questions have been answered.

Assume Anything

What this means is that don’t just assume that something that some other business did on Facebook gained them a plethora of new followers is what’s going to be what you need to do to gain some for yourself. Don’t be afraid to experiment with what you are posting and when you are posting to get the best results possible.


When it comes to running a private label Facebook business account for a private label business, there is a lot to know so you can be successful and gain as many followers as possible. If done correctly, you can better use it to do this by following the items mentioned above. Most importantly, make sure you test everything, because what may have worked for one company probably won’t work for yours.


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