Things to Avoid in the Supplement Industry

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Things to Avoid in the Supplement Industry

Starting up a new dietary supplement company can be a rewarding business venture. While manufacturers do make it easy to get started, there are some things you will need to be aware of. Here are some things to avoid in the supplement industry. Following these guidelines will help you avoid a lot of business mistakes.

Making claims

Making certain claims about your products will not only get you in trouble with customers but with the FDA as well. Be careful about what you say about your products online, on paper, and even in person. Dietary supplements are not qualified to treat illness or disease, so do not say they are. For more information about what type of claims you can make about your product, read the statement from the FDA here.

Not putting value over price

When it comes to just about anything, ingredients matter. The same is true for dietary supplements. Luckily, the FDA requires that all dietary supplements are GMP certified. Another thing to avoid in the supplement industry are manufacturers that do not provide high-quality products. Many manufacturers offer great prices. However, you will sacrifice quality. A business owner who truly believes in their product and wants to help people will choose quality over quantity.


While it is important to market your supplement products appealingly, you should never be dishonest. Using fake reviews, fake customer results, or fake labels will only kill your reputation. Do not make your product out to be something that it is not. Let your customers be pleasantly surprised when they see their results. Over time, happy customers will help you build a solid reputation.

Not having a target audience

Many supplement companies may believe that their supplements are for everyone. However, targeting everyone in your marketing is pretty much impossible. Everyone is different and has different interests. They also have different health concerns, salaries, hobbies, genders, and ages. Not only that, but people all over the world have different cultures, languages, and trends. What you need to do is narrow down your audience and create content that would appeal to them so they will buy your product. For more information, read our article, “Creating Content for Your Target Audience”.

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