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Liquid Vitamin and Dietary Supplement Manufacturing is Our Specialty!

Private Label Liquids has been one of the leading liquid vitamin manufacturers and dietary supplement manufacturers in the USA for many years.  Although we are primarily known for our private labeling services for vitamins and supplements, we also have the ability to customize liquid supplement formulas to meet your specifications under our Contract Manufacturing Program.

Private Labeling vs. Contract Supplement Manufacturers

Not all vitamin manufacturers and dietary supplement manufacturers are the same.  When it comes to private labeling supplements or placing orders under supplement contract manufacturing program, there are many similarities.  For private labeling, we offer stock formulas for you to choose from and then simply add your custom label to the bottles.  As such, Private Label Liquids is one of the leading private label supplement manufacturers in the USA.

Contract manufacturing is generally for larger orders where the customer needs a specific custom formulation manufactured.  Thus, contract manufacturing requires a few additional steps before going into production.  It also requires a larger batch size with a minimum order of 200 gallons.  For standard 32 oz bottles, this equates to approximately 800 bottles.  Many other supplement manufacturers have much higher minimums without our low pricing.  So as you can see, the initial investment is a quite a bit more, however, there are some significant benefits as well.

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Private Labeling Supplement EBookBenefits of Contract Manufacturing for dietary supplements

The two greatest benefits of contract manufacturing supplements is that you can significantly reduce the per bottle costs of your supplements, sometimes by as much as 50% depending on the quantity you order.  As mentioned earlier, the second benefit is that you are able to adjust the liquid supplement formula in any way you like.  You can choose which raw ingredients to include, along with the amount for each specific one.  This allows you to custom tailor your marketing plan to focus on the specific functions and ingredients of your supplement.

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