What You Need to Know About Full Spectrum Hemp

what you need to know about full spectrum hempIn recent years, cannabidiol (CBD) has grown in popularity due to its various health benefits. However, there are different types of CBD products in the market. Most people find it difficult to differentiate between products that are full spectrum, those that are not, and those made from CBD cannabis or CBD hemp. This article clears up the confusion by focusing on what you need to know about full spectrum hemp.

What is Full Spectrum Hemp/CBD?

What you need to know about full spectrum hemp is that it is also what people refer to as CBD oil.  Full spectrum hemp/CBD is an extract of the natural hemp plant. Compared to isolate products, full spectrum hemp oil has several cannabidiols, essential vitamins, minerals, terpenes, fiber proteins, and fatty acids. The most bountiful compound in hemp oil is cannabidiol (CBD). As such, the terms full spectrum hemp and CBD oil are used synonymously. This oil also contains cannabinoid acid (CBDa). The hemp plant contains more of CBDa than CBD.

Hemp oil goes through a heating process known as decarboxylation to change CBDa into CBD. This process produces a product that has the highest level of CBD. Additionally, full-spectrum hemp oil has other compounds such as tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), cannabigerol (CBG), and cannabinol (CBN). You should also understand that CBD from cannabis is only legal in recreational or medical states. However, the 2014 US Farm Bill legalized CBD hemp oil in all 50 states but requires that the concentration of THC is .3% or less.

Is Full Spectrum Hemp the Same as Hemp Seed Oil?

what you need to know about full spectrum hempThe answer to this frequently asked question is no. The term “hemp oil” describes two different types of product with different composition: full spectrum hemp and hemp seed oil. Most people purchase hemp seed oil thinking it is full spectrum hemp oil. Hemp seed oil is extracted from the seed of the hemp plant. However, only the top parts of hemp contains CBD and this is where full spectrum hemp is extracted from. As such, hemp seed oil lacks a high level of CBD and does not have several of the health benefits of full spectrum hemp/CBD oil. Nevertheless, hemp seed oil is rich in nutrients such as omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids.

Benefits of full spectrum hemp

Apart from providing CBD, full spectrum hemp has several other health benefits. The natural constituents and several cannabinoids work together to create a therapeutic effect within the human body. Here are some benefits of full spectrum hemp.

  • Skin Health. The fatty acids and vitamins present in this oil help keep the skin healthy and prevents breakouts. The fatty acids also nourish the skin and prevent it from inflammation and oxidation.
  • Pain Reliever. Full spectrum hemp oil is currently used by many people in attempts to provide pain relief. The cannabinoids contain anti-inflammatory properties, which can assist in relaxing your muscles.
  • The body increases the production of cortisol levels when you get anxious. CBD in full spectrum hemp oil reduces cortisol levels, thus causing a calming effect. See this article (https://www.liquidhealthinc.com/2019/03/using-cbd-for-anxiety-and-insomnia/) reviewing a study conducted on how cbd effects anxiety and sleep.

Full spectrum hemp oil is now popular for its health benefits. Apart from the above benefits, the oil also reverses the growth of harmful cells, which in turn boosts overall health and immune system capabilities.

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