Why choose liposomal CBD?

CBD is a holistic treatment that has been on the rise for the past few years and even more so recently. Many have started taking cbd as part of their daily supplement routine for overall well-being, and there have been numerous studies done on its seemingly endless uses for treating different ailments.  It comes as no surprise that a wide variety of delivery methods have burst out onto the market.  This article will outline why you should choose liposomal cbd as your cbd delivery method.

What is a liposome?

why choose Liposomal cbd

Liposomes are tiny little pockets composed of a phospholipid bilayer that is very similar to the structure of our cell membranes.  The phospholipids create an enclosed protected area that makes them ideal carriers for therapeutic molecules and nutrients!  The innermost region of a liposome is hydrophilic (water-soluble), and the outer enclosed region is hydrophobic (fat-soluble).  As a result, liposomes can be used to carry a wide variety of different molecules and medicines directly into our cells.

Liposomes for Nutrient Delivery

Scientists have engineered a way to encase medicinal compounds in between these layers of phospholipids as a more effective delivery system to our bodies.  We have also figured out how to modify the different components of liposomes from their size to even their electrical charge and basically customize them to deliver their cargo how and where we want them to.  With this technology, liposomes have the ability to deposit the compounds they carry intracellularly.  This means that they essentially deliver their medicinal cargo directly to the receiving bay of your cells.

Why Choose Liposomal CBD?

Higher Absorption and Faster Intake – The phospholipids form a protective layer around the CBD molecules, which allows them to bypass digestive processes that normally degrade, dilute, or delay the compound.  As a result, the compound is used not only absorbed faster and more efficiently, but is more potent even at lower concentrations.

why choose Liposomal cbd

Better Circulation – As we discussed earlier, liposomes are incredibly customizable with the technology that has been developed.  This allows for adjustments that increase effective circulation of the liposomal cbd throughout your body. Another reason to choose liposomal cbd is that the cbd is delivered directly to your cells, as mentioned earlier.  The cbd is essentially being distributed on a cellular level.

Smaller Particle Size – This goes hand in hand with the higher absorption rate.  Essentially, the larger the particles your body is trying to absorb, the more poorly they absorb.   Most nutraceutical manufacturers methods produce larger particles (200-600nm).  Our particle systems fall in a range similar to what pharmaceutical companies target (10-100nm) for premium absorption.  Smaller particles equal better absorption.


Why choose liposomal CBD?  Simply put, you will be getting more bang for your buck with liposomal CBD.  With the increased absorption, circulation, and overall efficiency of this delivery method, your body will be able to use the CBD most effectively to get results.

If you are interested in selling CBD, this really is the way to go.  Contact us for more information and private labeling your own CBD products.




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